CUBAN TRADER - The gripping true story of a young radio officer on a tank ship transporting molasses from Cuba to the U.S. who risks his life for love and fortune, finding himself trapped between the Cuban Revolution, mutiny, and his ship's murderous captain. - A Memoir Novel by Roger Asquith

"Gripping read for all those history buffs or not. Takes you back to a different time and place where men of the high seas risk it all and the smell of rum and danger intermingle with the events of a revolution unfolding...." Erick Castillo

"...adventurous sea-going tale...offers generous quantities of clever prose, absorbing characters and enough conflict to keep even James Bond guessing what happens next...a rollicking all-out adventure yarn that keeps you pinned to every page cover to cover..." Blaine Taylor - Sea Classics Magazine

4 Stars "Surprisingly Exciting...a glimpse into the Cuban Revolution...but a LOT more..." 5 Stars "Wow!...best read of the summer...I was lost in this thrilling page turner for 3 days..." 5 Stars "I felt I was right there. Anybody interested in history, Cuba and adventure in the Caribbean won't be disappointed..." Amazon Customer Reviews

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